INTECSEA - Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle Services

13th October 2016

By: Dave Davis

Changing landscapes have been the norm for those that remember the oil field since the early 1980s. Market movements and challenges are the nature of a commodity business. Some of us have been around to see it come full circle again. 

One of the less glamorous areas of the business is the clean up after the party. The ability to safely and cost effectively remove old assets, and the pride required to return the environment as if it was untouched is an art that goes unnoticed by most in the industry during the boom. With the changing market comes a new focus on areas of the business that INTECSEA has always been part of.

INTECSEA has a proven track record and extensive portfolio of Brownfield projects, which focus on improving the life cycle of assets. And when the time comes to dismantle the old and return the environment back to Mother Nature, INTECSEA is there. Little seen is the construction management, 24/7 mentality, procurement services, and decommissioning execution, quietly churning away in the shadow of its Greenfield brother.

With new capital expenditure waning, life cycle extension becoming increasingly necessary, and enhanced focus on strengthening balance sheet by removing liabilities of old assets, many are concentrating on the areas where INTECSEA has always been; assisting our clients with the latest techniques, planning, and execution for life cycle services.

INTECSEA continues to fulfill its obligations to the business plan, and continues to support life cycle activities on a worldwide basis. Our unique approach to provide project services independent of outside commercial influences (including engineering, P&A, procurement, asset removal, project management, etc.) allows the client to customize contracting strategies as a complete package or prepared and executed on the clients paper.   

Whether the project is as simple as reconfirming span analysis or as complicated as a full riser replacement, INTECSEA has the right people, experience, and insight to ensure success at the highest level of expectation. 

For more information on our Lifecycle Services, please contact Dave Davis.